Vineyards and stocks

VI•EDOS_03reLeopoldo and Simone have reached in their farm the perfect balance between tradition and technology, creating a company which is in incessant development and growth.

The grapes are picked up carefully during the freshnights of Villablanca and are processed inmediately in their wineries, using the most advanced technologies, reaching the recognition of the wine industry and the consumers and selling their whole annual production.

The commitment for the future of Delea a Marca is the farming of different types of grapes and the creation of new qualitywines. Always with the exhaustive control of theraw material for which the company is already known and which will keep being the emblem of the company and of all the products created in its wineries.

Regarding the white wines, the winery Delea a Marca has been the first province of Huelva which has farmed successfully stocks of the French types Chardonnay, which has been a very personal commitment but has received a very positive feed back and satisfactory critics.