Official Announcement regarding Local Football Disputes in Villablanca

Delea A Marca, a familiar company of high quality wines placed in Villablanca (Huelva, Spain), wants to clarity some points regarding the sponsoring of the two local football teams.

Bodegas Delea A Marca
  1. Delea A Marca is aware of its role in the Villablanca society and of its responsibility with its habitants, reasons why it usually collaborates with cultural and sporting activities.
  2. Delea A Marca officially sponsors the Club Atlético Villablanca.
  3. Delea A Marca has punctually collaborated with the CD Villablanca.
  4. Delea A Marca doesn’t want to be a part of any political or sport dispute.
  5. Sponsoring this kind of activities, Delea A Marca only wants to enhance the town atmosphere, improving its name and its habitant’s conditions.

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