Welcome to the new Delea A Marca

Hello Delea A Marca friends and be welcomed to this new period of our winery!

Today, we move one step forward and release our new website, both in English and Spanish, where you easily can find everything that surrounds the Delea A Marca universe. With a modern and attractive responsive design, you can learn about our history, about our vineyards and stocks, and be aware about the sector and Delea A Marca news.

Our new website

Our new website www.delearmarca.com

Also, we have created a online shop where, from now on, you can easily purchase our grateful selection of wines: Chardonnay, Merlot, Leopoldo Selección, Rosado, Petit Verdot, Syrah and, our latest success, Vermentino. Just a few clicks and we will send them to you to any point in Spain with no extra cost.

Last, we want to invite all of you to follow our official Facebook fan page and, of course, this blog. We’ll be looking forward to hearing any comment or suggestion you may have.

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