Madrid Welcomes Delea A Marca

We’ve been receiving so many messages both in our Facebook fan page and in our e-mail asking the exact same question: Where we can get Delea A Marca wine in Madrid? Well, it took a bit but now we have the answer: in the gourmet experience areas of El Corte Inglés of Callao and Castellana. So far, only Vermentino wine is available but we are working hard to wide our wine offer for all our Madrid customers.

The Gourmet Experience of El Corte Inglés is a singular gastronomic space where food and wine tasting and gourmet product store are combined. And precisely in this zone, in the wine area, is where you can find the Delea A Marca Vermentino, a wine that visually has an intense yellow color with flashes of gold while green hues, clean and bright. Made 100% with vermentino grapes, it is an aromatic wine highlighting flower lantana, salvia, fresh fennel and pineapple aromas with notes of white fruit like apricot and balsamic.

Of course, all our wines can be purchased in our online store.


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