How Should We Store Wine?

How to store wine?Every time we go to a supermarket or to gourmet store to get a high quality wine, as the Delea A Marca ones, many people wonder the same question: how should I store the wine? Obviously, the best option would be having a  wine cellar at home, but in this article we share with you 5 tips to have the optimal conditions for wine conversation, whether the bottle is closed or if we have already opened. Generally speaking, wine conservation depends on many variables such as temperature, humidity, odors, light, etc. Let’s see:

Where to store wine? Ideally, store it in a place with low lighting. The fact that most wine bottles are dark or nearly opaque confirms that the light is the enemy of the good conservation of the wines. In addition, the wine should be far from other foods because it can “catch” the smells of that food and alter it.

To what temperature should it be store? Optimally, the wine temperature must never exceeds 15 degrees because, according to several experts, from this temperature on the broth begins to alter. We must seek the coldest room in the house for good conservation.

What humidity? It is considered that 60 to 70% moisture.

How do I put the bottles? The position is very important in storing good wines. Here, we must pay attention to another key element of the bottles: the cork. The wine should be in contact with the cork, so the best positions are either lying or upright with the cork down.

What do I do when I open the wine? Because air can also become an enemy of wine, due to oxidation process, it is best to use a vacuum cap.


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