How is the Cycle of the Wine?

In Delea A Marca we have told you our harvest process several times. In this 2018, due to lower temperatures in August in our region, it has been delayed until the beginning of September. In total, we have collected about 140,000 kilos of our delicious grapes. But how did we get here? What is the life cycle of the vine? We tell you the different stages that are part of the biological cycle of the vine are chronologically the following: sprouting, foliation, flowering, fertilization and fruiting, veraison, ripening, vintage and stop.

SPROUTING: It is the moment when everything begins, when the vine begins to be born and we see the first small leaves, the first green shoots. Although it depends on the type of grape and the climatic conditions, sprouting usually takes place at the beginning of spring, in March and April.

FOLIATION. It is the moment when the little green bud turns into a leaf. This moment, which takes place in May, is very important because it is here that the molecules of sugars and acids are formed, and they do so in the leaves of the vine. These molecules will condition the flavor of the grape and, ultimately, the wine. It is here when green pruning is performed or pruned, that is, the best leaves are selected and the rest is eliminated to favor growth.

FLOWERING. The flowering, that is to say the moment in which the embryos of the flowers appear that will give the first grains of the grapes that will end up forming the bunches, is a key date for the harvest, because it marks its beginning. It usually occurs in late May or early June.

FECUNDATION AND FRUCTIFICATION. Already at the beginning of summer the flowers begin to give very green fruits due to their load of chlorophyll. The vine should be cleaned of “stems”, which are the new stems that sprout at your feet, and the “harvest in green or thinning” is carried out, work in which part of them is eliminated to control the performance of the plant .

VERAISON. It is the process by which the grape changes its tone until it reaches its final color. In the white grapes, the color changes from green to yellowish and the red grapes acquire a pink color that will gradually darken until the final purple.

MATURATION. It is when the fruit ripens and prepares to be harvested. In this stage, an enrichment of sugars takes place, the acidity of the grape decreases and phenolic and aromatic varietal compounds (odors) develop.

HARVEST. Here the cycle of the vine ends. It consists of  harvesting the grapes after different controls that certify that it is the ideal moment to pick the grapes.

STOP. Once the harvest is done, the vine sleeps from September to spring, it is a process also known as vegetative stop, latency period or lethargy.

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