Friends of the Swiss Wine Society visited Delea A Marca

A couple of weeks ago, a group from the Friends of the Swiss Wine Society visited Delea A Marca, where they were able to get to know the whole universe of our wines through a tour of our vineyards, wineries and a food pairing in our brand-new enogastronomic room.

The visit began at around 1pm with a tour of our plantation to show this expert wine-loving group the Delea A Marca vineyards. Leopoldo Delea, co-founder of the winery and master of ceremonies of this tour, explained the different strains with which we worked and commented on the process of production of our wines. Before going to the lounge, in an area with privileged views, there was a snack and a glass of Vermentino.

Then came the great moment to make known our enogastromic room, our food and wine lounge where attendees could taste the following menu, made with fresh quality products:

– Homemade Graved Lachs (marinated salmon)
– Risotto with fresh green asparagus
– Grilled suckling pig with spring vegetables
– Strawberries from Villablanca with homemade ice cream melon and honey

These dishes were paired with Chardonnay 2015, Rosado 2016 and a new wine, called Insurgente, about which we will soon give you more information.

The group ended up so delighted with the visit, the atmosphere, the wines and the magnificent food that, in the words of Úrsula, from Zurich, “it was an impressive experience, absolutely recommendable, the quality of the food, the delicious wines, this wonderful lounge, the natural place in which all this is found .. It is something unique, wonderful. ” Accustomed to visiting wineries all over the world, Úrsula continues: “I have visited wineries in Chile, Napa Valley in California, France, in Rioja … But this is the most complete experience we have experienced in the Friends of Wine Society” .

The Friends of the Wine Swiss Society is a group of wine lovers, formed by several dozen people with extensive experience and understanding of wines, who travel to a different region each year to learn first-hand about the best wines in the world. To know more, please contact us.


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