Five Tips to Be a Good Wine Drinker

Resultado de imagen de bebedor de vinoFirst impressions count and much. Especially in the world of wine. If the experience moves away from what we expected before trying it, we probably won’t do it again or it will cost us more to repeat. From La Buena Vida we have prepared a brief guide that covers the basic issues that need to be known in this field.

1. Let’s talk about the grounds. We tend to think that the grounds are synonymous with poor condition or even poor quality in a wine. However, finding them in a wine is not a problem, usually they have wines that have followed a process of handmade production. If this is the case, the ideal is to decant it or be careful not to pour what is left in the bottom in the last cup.

2. Temperature and wine, irregular relationship. It is not necessary that the wine we drink is always at room temperature. In fact, in summer better than not. If it is served very cold, it is true that it may lose flavor or aroma properties, leaving the nuances of a good wine unnoticed. Ideally, serve reds between 14º and 16ºC and whites between 7º and 9ºC.

3. The screw cap on wines is not synonymous with poor quality. It is time to remove this prejudice. The thread as a closing system is nothing more than an option, which in fact employ many high-level wineries, in countries such as Germany, New Zealand or Australia.

4. The label. That put “Reserva” is not a direct reference to it being a great wine. In the same way that the plug is a simple closing mechanism, Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva, it refers only to the aging time in wood. Not to the quality of which they boast.

5. Crianza or reserves? It depends, it is a matter of tastes of the drinker. The aging is usually more fruity in the nose and with a powerful mouth. On the other hand, the Reserves tend more to the tertiary aromas – such as leather, tobacco or smoked – and in the mouth they tend to be more subtle.

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