Why drinking wine is good for health

We all know those days when we just want to have a cup of good wine for no special reason. To all the wine lovers, we like the whole ritual that comes with the process of drinking wine. Having our small winery at home, carefully selecting what we want to drink that day, smelling it, taking the cups outside, serving the wine to friends and family, and of course, tasting it. We just love that. But wine is not just a matter of taste; it is a matter of health.

Scientific research has confirmed what we all thought: drinking one or two cups of good wine a day does have good benefits for our health. When we learn to enjoy it moderately and responsibly, these benefits are not only linked with physical health; such as decreasing the risk of cardiovascular illness, but they are also linked with mental health. One example being that wine helps us relieve stress thus making us feel better on a daily basis.

Why drinking wine is good for health

Let’s look at some of the reasons why drinking wine is good for our health:

1) Reduced risk of suffering from cardiovascular illness. The polifenols and ethanol present in red wine means that when drinking it moderately, the risk of suffering from serious cardiovascular illnesses is reduced. For instance, according to research from ‘the blessings of the red wine’, published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the combination of these two elements has great benefits on the inflammatory molecules that cause the arteriosclerosis.

2) Better mental agility. More than 70 studies suggest that drinking good wine is much better for our cognitive and mental capabilities. According to these investigations, the antioxidants present in wine prevent senility. This is because they reduce the inflammation of the veins and avoid coagulation, thus letting the blood in our brain flow much more easily.

3) Stronger body defenses. A British study has demonstrated that those who drink wine have a reduced risk of 11% of getting infections of the bacteria, which can lead to gastritis, ulcers and stomach cancer. Also, drinking wine with lunch or dinner helps to kill germs that are present in the food.

4) Healthier mouth. According to a study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, drinking both red and white wine can help to prevent dental caries, gingivitis and sore throats. In addition to this, an Italian study found that wine helps to keep your teeth securely in your mouth! (or helps prevent your teeth from falling out)??

5) Look and feel younger. Many different medical studies have agreed on this last point: wine contains vitamins that prolong the aging process, having extremely beneficial affects on your skin. It also helps to prevent obesity, making you become a much healthier person.

So after all of this, there is only one conclusion. Drink good wine and enjoy life!

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