Delea A Marca sponsors “The Big Eye” art exhibition

Last June 12th, at the Nezha Kanouni Interior Design Showroom in Estepona (Malaga, Spain), Delea A Marca sponsored “The Big Eye”, an popup gallery made by Jorge Hernandez and Paula Vincenti, and curated by Elena Caranca.

“The Big Eye” represents a dual vision about how human beings become aware of about themselves and the nature that surrounds them throughout the senses. Precisely this is what allows us to discover and organize the reality and, of course, at the end make ourselves conscious. The exhibition seeks a real world knowledge beyond the simple and naïve vision of everyone who needs a constant reinterpretation of the received signals.

For this occasion, Delea A Marca collaborated with two of the most successful wines of our winery: Chardonnay and Merlot. With this, we contributed to create such a great atmosphere matching wine and art.

To all who may be interested , the exhibition will be open till August 30th, from 10 am to 5 pm in Hezh Kanouni Interior Design, placed in Alonso Cano Street, 23 – Pol. Industrial, Estepona (Spain).

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