Delea A Marca Reopens its Enogatronomic Salon

After more than four weeks of holidays and some minor construction works in the kitchen of our food and wine room, we are pleased to officially announce that we are ready again to continue delighting our clients with unparalleled gastronomic and wine experiences. So much so that, as opening, we have received a group of thirty people who could enjoy the following menu:

– Artichokes with field eggs and vinaigrette with our own olive oil

– Pea cream with smoked salmon trout at home.

– Veal brazier with celery puree.

– Strawberries from Villablanca

In the words of  Simona Delea,  Cofounder of Delea A Marca: “This work was absolutely necessary, perhaps not from an aesthetic point of view, because anyone who has come once and repeats will not appreciate great changes in our facilities, but it is from an infrastructure point of view. These kitchen improvements will allow us not only to be able to do different things but to cook better dishes and for more people, which was an usual demand in our requests. ”

And Simone continues: “The reason to do now was to be ready for when the good weather starts. Because of the luck we have in this wonderful enclave, we have already begun to see the longest days and, as soon as the good weather arrives, to make an enogastronomic visit to our wineries, vineyards and enogastronomic room is something truly spectacular “.

We remind you that the objective of creating this space has to do with the desire of Delea A Marca to offer a close, unique and different experience to our customers, so that they really enjoy and can know first-hand the environment in which they Our wines are produced. And they can perform two types of tastings:

– Option 1. Visit to the vineyard and wine tasting, smallest snack

– Option 2. Visit to the vineyard and braised tasting composed of four passes, with top quality dishes with seasonal products, accompanied by a wine Delea A Marca each one.

For reservations or more information you can visit our website, our social networks (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter)), our mail ( or call us at +34 683 12 16 35.

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