Delea A Marca Opens its Wine and Food Salon

In the heart of the Delea A Marca winery, in the Huelva municipality of Villablanca, we are pleased to announce that we opened our enogastronomic room, a unique and exclusive space in which we want to mix wine and gastronomy like never before. In this saloon, our customers, in groups of at least ten and maximum fifty, can perform both pure tastings, with an accompanying snack, and paired tastings, combining our wines with the best of our cuisine.

The objective of creating this space has to do with the desire of Delea A Marca to offer a close, unique and different experience to our customers, so that they really enjoy and can know firsthand the environment in which our products are produced. wines

The framework in which these tastings are held is perfect to live an exclusive experience, homogeneous mixture for all the senses and of course in good company. In the heat of our fireplace our customers will be able to enjoy our whites, rosé and reds. Actually, the space is open to any proposal that unites the wonderful world of gastronomy with Delea A Marca wines, no matter if you are private, company or tour operator. For more information, you can call +34 683 12 16 35 or at

In the words of Simona A Marca, co-owner of Bodegas Delea A Marca, “we had several years with the idea in mind, this is an unbeatable environment and we want to involve everyone who wants to enter the Delea A Marca world. And, honestly, we could not think of a better way to do it than combining gastronomy and our wines “.

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