Delea A Marca creates “Juan el lepero”, an author’s wine tribute to the lepero who was King of England for a day

In our constant commitment to innovation, we have the honor of making public that we recently launched the wine “Juan el lepero”, a tribute to a lepero who was King of England for a day. As you can read on the label that explains the story: “Born in a humble home, in the mid-fifteenth century he was part of the court of King Henry VII of England, serving as confidant, friend, eater and jester of the king, and becoming “king of England” for a day, after beating the king a double-hand card game in which he had staked the rents that his kingdom produced in a day and the (symbolic) appointment as “King of England”. During the 24 hours he was king, he loaded the boats he could with many of the country’s riches, and went to his village, where he lived without hardship for the rest of his life.

Leopoldo Delea, founder of Delea A Marca, explains “we wanted to make a public tribute to Lepe, which historically has had some great wines”. And, to be honest, Lepe wines are mentioned even in the ‘Canterbury Tales’ by the Englishman Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400), who praised the quality of the leper wines. He adds: “We are a small, family winery, we want to do simple things, but well done, with meaning. Juan el lepero is a product of that. Of the affection with which we treat our farm, source of the grape that give origin to our wines. ”

For his part, the mayor of Lepe has received with satisfaction the creation and commercialization of these wines, “with which the history of Lepe is honored and the entrepreneurial and adventurous nature of its people”.

In its varieties of dry white and red, the wine will only be available in the cellar, in any other point of sale.

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