Delea A Marca begins the wine harvest

August is an exciting time of the year. It’s wine harvesting time! There are more than 120,000 kgs of delicious grapes sitting there waiting for us to pluck. Now all we have to do is continue the process of turning them into the tasty red stuff we all love so much! Simple!

The first step of this process is the fruit tasting. Our experts try the grapes and check that all levels intervening in the wine process are perfect. If all is ok, we can begin the grape harvesting.

With our team of 40-60 grape collectors, we first we look for the white, chardonnay and vermentino grapes, and then in a few weeks time, we will start picking red grapes as well. This task is only done during the night between the hours of 12 am and 8 am as a result of the hot weather. If we want to make sure our grapes are of the highest quality and haven’t started to ferment to early, we need a cooler temperature at night.

Delea a Marca begins the wine harvest

In order to collect the grapes during the night we use powerful light bulbs to light up all the areas of the country zone. These lights are so powerful that the first year we had the wine harvest, the neighbors thought that “there were aliens in the Switzerland guy house”.

Once the grapes are collected, they are automatically carried to the wine cellar where another 10-15 people start the selection process where only the best fruits are chosen to maximize the quality and taste of the wine. Then, we put the grapes in big casks with carbonic ice, a substance that removes the skin and squeezes all the aromatic potential from the grapes. After this, the fermentation begins. Interestingly while the white wines only needs one day in these casks before the pressing, red grapes must stay in there for at least one month.

Next, we place the grapes into the pressing machine to get the mosto, whilst removing the solid materials existing in the liquid. It is also important here to separate the cleaned wine from the murk wine so that we clarify them. Before starting the bottling process, the wine must be filtered to ensure it runs perfectly smoothly. Then finally it is ready to be bottled and put in wood casks where it can mature to a perfect taste.

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