Delea A Marca as Judge in El Cabezo Bullfighting Prizes

Simona A Marca, CEO of Delea A Marca, has participated as a judge in the prestigious bullfighting prizes El Cabezo, together with José Luis García-Palacios, president of FOE; José Antonio Agüera, director of refineru La Rábida; Antonio Ramírez Almanza, director of Zenobia-Juan Ramón Jiménez Foundation;  and the painter Pilar Barroso.

Delea A Marca

To gain position as judge, Delea A Marca had to attend four bullfights, see 5 bullfighters, and enjoy a lunch at El Corte Inglés in Huelva. These events were sponsored by the newspaper Huelva Información. This annual call has become a reference of the bullfighting prices in Huelva.

The jury decided that the winner was Miguel Ángel Perera. Runner-ups were Hermoso de Mendoza, Santiago Domecq and David de Miranda who were also rewarded. The prices will be given next Autumn, after finishing the season.

Photo from Huelva Información.

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