Delea A Marca and the Certified Quality Distinction

Aiming to get the Certified Quality distinction, Delea A Marca strictly meets all the parameters of Integrated Production required by the Ministry of Agricultura and Fisheries of Junta de Andalucia, for all agroindustries. But, what does this certification mean?

Calidad Certificada

They are quality assurance rules, voluntarily accepted, that has to do with transportation processes, storage, handling, transformation and packaging of products, as well as hygiene and sanitary maintenance of facilities, handling equipment and staff training. Concretely, in the wine industry, it is mandatory to handle the grapes in corridors with a maximum width of 1,2 meters and a minimum separation distance of 0,4 meters.


Regarding the use of phytosanitary products, only potassium metabisulfite is allowed, and there must be records (including the reasons why) of all the treatments made to the grapes.  Also, regulation specifies how grapes should be picked: “carefully and without damaging the fruit or alter their organoleptic characteristics”. That’s why the use of containers that can alter the fruit are completely forbidden.

These are some of the main points we should take care of… just to make the best possible wine.

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