A look back to our 2019

As every year on these dates, and there have been four since we opened this blog, from Delea A Marca we like to look back to see how the year has passed and the amount of good things to give thanks for.

We started the year in February, organizing a massive meal to celebrate the reopening of our food and wine saloon, after more than four weeks closed for staff rest and for some small works to improve the conditioning of the kitchen. In March, Delea A Marca participated in the I Viticultural Meeting of Huelva, which twinned wineries of the County and the Leon region of El Bierzo, organized by the Association of Friends of Wine of the County of Huelva.

In May, we launched the wine “John the leper”, an author’s wine tribute to the leper who was King of England for a day. As you can read on the label that explains the story: “Born in a humble home, in the mid-fifteenth century he was part of the court of King Henry VII of England, serving as confidant, friend, diner and jester to the king, and becoming “king of England” for a day, after beating the king a double-handed card game in which he had wagered the rents that his kingdom produced in one day and the appointment (symbolic) as “King of England”. During the 24 hours that he was king, he loaded the ships he could with many of the country’s wealth, and left for his town, where he lived without narrowness for the rest of his life. “Juan el lepero” white and red can be found in our online store.

And summer arrived, which we inaugurated with the first party of the Delea A Marca sardine, in which attendees could taste our wines, eat all the sardines they wanted and enjoy the natural landscape in which the farm is located.

In July, we showed our commitment to culture by sponsoring the First Micro-Story Contest on the world of wine with the aim of promoting the culture of wine through literary creation.

After the heat of summer and the strenuous months of harvest, Delea A Marca participated in the IV Andalucía Sabor Congress. Leopoldo Delea, co-founder of Delea A Marca, participated in this event, held at the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville, FIBES. Specifically, Delea A Marca participated in the colloquium entitled “Andalusian Wines, with other eyes”, where also the wines of Clara Verheij from Bodegas Bentomiz and those of Richard Golding from Bodega Tesalia were also present.

And so, little by little, and with much effort, we have been reaching the end of the year. And finally, the days come to be all together, with our families, if it is with a good Delea A Marca wine much better, and rest and recharge batteries. Because 2020 is coming strong … We are ready!

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