A group of blind people makes a sensory visit to Delea A Marca wineries


In Delea A Marca we have always been convinced that wine is not only something that is enjoyed with the palate, but also experienced with each and every one of the senses. This is what a group of 20 people, 10 partial blinds and their guides, did: they visited our farm, winery and our enogastronomic lounge, recently inaugurated.

From Belgium, the visitors, who stayed at the Tui Family hotel in Islantilla (Huelva), were able to enjoy a sensory experience for four hours both in the winery and in the cellars. On our farm, the blind and their companions could touch and smell the earth, grapes and leaves of the different vine we have. In the cellar and in our wine and food hall, they were able to enjoy a guided tasting of some of our most famous wines, Vermentino, Rosado, Chardonnay and Insurgente, accompanied by a snack and the descriptions of the wines.

Maxime, from Ghent, commented on the visit: “It has been a truly unique experience. Enjoying both the grape in the vineyard, or the smell of vine leaves or the humid soil of the farm has been truly unforgettable. ” And she concludes: “All my friends and I have ended up absolutely fascinated with the experience, it has been fantastic”.

For Francisco Alonso, commercial director of Delea A Marca, “the visit of this group has been very special for us, because we have been able to manifest aspects of the wine that we have in our day to day and that help to have a complete experience of the wine”.

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