A Brief Thought for New Year

q112016 finished a few days ago and it definitively was a great year. After a bunch of work done, we could never have imagined that we’ll be like this. We’ve worked a lot, we’ve analysed thousands of fruits, a lot of sleepless nights for the grape harvest but, above all, a lot of hope and care in every single bottle of wine stamped by Delea A Marca brand.

During all this time, we’ve been aware of our role and responsibility with the citizens and initiaves of Villablanca (Huelva) and the whole region. As a matter of fact, we have participated in several cultural, solidarity and sport actions. Some examples are the International Meeting of Buyers for Sports Tourism and MICE segment (Congresses and Conventions), organized by the Provincial Tourism Board of Huelva,  the First Petanque Solidarity Tournament  for Caritas with the Association of the Faithful of the Virgen del Carmen de Camas (Sevilla, Spain), and the  closing day of the Master in Development of Entrepreneurship organized by the University of Seville.

Also, in 2016 we had one big satisfactions. Vermentino 2014, one of our most famous wines, was awarded at the Berlin International Wine Competition. This award is very important since  close to 200 bottles from over 20 countries were submitted to be critiqued by a hand-selected panel of A-List and key trade-only judges – wine buyers, wine retail storeowners, restaurant/bar proprietors, wine distributors and importers and World Class Wine Finalists.

So 2016 is over. And 2017 will be a very promising year. What can you expect? Hard work. We cannot promise that we won’t make any mistake. We’ll make mistakes. But we’ll learn and improve. We know wine is special. We know you are special. And, for all of this, we want 2017 to be even more special.

Thanks for being there! 

The Delea A Marca Family

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