5 Questions about our Wine and Food Room

In the short history of our food and wine show, we have received more than 1000 diners in different event formats. Even before arriving, most visitors ask us for a series of questions. We have compiled the most repeated questions and we answer them.

What is the food and wine show?

The enogastronómic room is a bet of the Delea A Marca winery to create a unique and exclusive space in which to mix the best Delea A Marca wines and a gastronomy of proximity that has never been done before. This space, open to all kind of events, seeks to offer a close, unique and different experience to our customers, so that they really enjoy and can know first-hand the environment in which our wines are produced.

What does the visit to the food and wine show consist of?

Delea A Marca, wants to make a difference in the visits to its facilities and for this we present several options that the visitor can choose, and in each of them you can enjoy the experiences of the senses, which is to visit the facilities of our winery .

The different options we have for visiting our facilities are the following.

Option 1. Vineyard and Tasting, smaller snack

Option 2. Vineyard and Matching Wine. This paired tasting is usually composed of four passes and each pass is accompanied by a different wine.

In option 2, what does the menu consist of?

It depends. All our menus are made with fresh products from the region of Villablanca, local market, and cooked in the living room to delight all the senses of the guests.

An example of a menu would be this:

– Appetizer with Vermentino

– Smoked trout with Chardonnay

– Roasted pepper with black olives, garlic and capers with Chardonnay

– Mini homemade lasagna with ricotta and zucchini and cherry tomatoes from our garden with Rosado.

– Franguito roasted with carrot coulis with Insurgent.

– Tiramisu

Where is the room?

The living room is located in an incomparable place in the town of Villablanca (Huelva).

How can I book?

Whether private, company or tour operator. For more information, you can visit our website (http://www.deleaamarca.com/salon/) call +34 683 12 16 35 or send an email to info@deleaamarca.com

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