5 Good Movies about Wine

September arrives, the school year begins, the days shorten and it gets colder in the streets. The desire to stay at home increases, and there are many plans to do at home. One of them is watching movies … And if on top, those movies are about the world of wine, well, better. We propose 5 films about the world of wine to enjoy them with a glass of Delea A brand.

‘Sideways’  by Alexander Payne – USA 2004 – Color 127 min – With Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh – Dramatic comedy based on the homonyms novel by Rex Pickett that tells the story of 2 forties of opposite personalities who make a week-long trip to the town of Santa Barbara vineyards in California before the wedding of one of them.

‘Notorious’ by Alfred Hitchcock – USA 1946 – B / N 101 min – Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Louis Calhern, Leopoldine Konstantin … – Thriller of the thriller with American spies in love, Nazis trying to reorganize in Brazil, bottles of wine that keep more than Wine and exciting scenes in a large cellar.

‘The duel of wine’ by Nicolás Carreras – Argentina 2015 – Color 95 min – With Charlie Arturaola and other sommerliers, winemakers and chefs from Italy, Spain, Champagne, Bordeaux, Argentina and Uruguay – Sequel to ‘The way of wine’ that continues the story with the sommelier trying to recover his nose and his wife.

‘Julie & Julia’ by Nora Ephron – USA 2009 – Color 123 min – With Amy Adams, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Jane Lynch … – Dramatic comedy that tells the life of chef Julia Child in the first years of her culinary career and the life of Julie Powell, who wants cook the 524 recipes from Julia’s cookbook.


‘Superclassic’ by Ole Christian Madsen – Denmark 2011 – Color 99 min – With Paprika Steen, Anders W. Berthelsen, Jamie Morton, Adriana Mascialino … – Dramatic comedy with love triangle, football, tango and She came between a soccer player representative, in love with a Boca Juniors player, and her still in love husband who will travel to Buenos Aires, accompanied by her teenage son, with the excuse of signing the divorce papers and the secret intention of recovering her.

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