5 Blogs About Wine You Should Know

With the amount of information that runs through the Internet it is almost impossible to determine which are the best blogs dedicated to the world of wine. There are many users of all kinds who with greater or lesser fortune write, taste and comment wines on the net. From Delea A Marca we have made a small selection of some of the most interesting sites of the Spanish wine scene.

Aprender de Vino

The name of the blog is transparent and clear. The objective of each and every one of its articles is to disseminate the wine culture in all its breadth. We like it because it is very well written, with an understanding language, interesting and well-defined topics and almost any wine doubt you may have, it is resolved with its many posts. They do not shrink from technical explanations and in fact, articles on specific aspects are the ones we like the most. Wine lovers, follow them!

Spanish Wine Lover

Perhaps including Spanishwinelover in a ranking of blogs about wine is small, since more than a blog is a digital magazine and with several awards nationwide. His articles are very topical and with constant information on events, appointments and everything related to Spanish wine. It is also edited in two languages, so that their work to disseminate wines outside our borders is appreciated.

Blog de José Peñin

Yes, José Peñín is a reference where there are in the world of Spanish wine, with its own guide. We are sure that you know him, and probably also his blog, but, just in case. Great writer in all its facets, wine lover and connoisseur of this world as few, reading him is always a good lesson. Explore very interesting topics for wine lovers in depth, with seriousness and rigor, but without being too technical or of course, boring. Safety pin.

El Mundo Vino

Without a doubt, Elmundovino is the oldest in our country, I think that at the beginning, his name was probably not a blog, he was known more for a wine portal or a website where he wrote about wines. His first tastings and articles are from the year 2000, at least they are those indicated by the web in his archives. It probably had a lot more weight but one thing is for sure, for those who by those years we were already involved with the world of wine was a benchmark. His articles were a must read and his tastings were the creed of many sommeliers.

His collaborators were and are people with a lot of criteria: Juancho Asenjo, Luis Gutierrez, Victor de la Serna. Authentic totems of the world of wine, with great criteria and long baggage in the things of drinking. From time to time they sign an article or perform a tasting and make a pillar shake and its diffusion becomes almost viral to some of them.


No, they are not another wine blog, as they explain the sea of ​​good in their presentation. They are a heterogeneous group of friends who like wine and gather around it and want to share their tastes and experiences with the rest of wine lovers in the world. They don’t talk about wines that they don’t like and that don’t have a more than adequate value for money. They are the closest thing to having a wine group online. Nice to read you.

List based on the list of VDeVendimia.com and of IMG-Formación.

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