Delea A Marca Sponsors the 2nd Charity Golf Tournament “Solidarity footballers”

Delea A Marca will sponsor throughout the morning of Saturday, December 29, the second edition of the charity tournament “footballers solidarity”, which will be held at the golf club “La Monacilla”, located in Aljaraque (Huelva). The format of the championship, with start a 9:30h, will be the one of “couples stableford double better ball”, and a participation similar to the one of the first edition is expected, that is to say, of 100 participants (50 couples). Once the tournament is over, the awards ceremony, a solidarity raffle and an invitation to a meal at the club’s facilities will take place.

All funds raised, both from the inscriptions and from the raffle, will go to the LABERINTO FOUNDATION, whose main objective is the construction in Huelva of the “P’alante Popal multi-purpose center”. It is a center aimed at assisting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, in some cases, associated with rare diseases, which will have professionals in different fields to care for children and young people with special needs.

Delea A Marca collaborates in the following way in this II charity tournament “footballers solidarity”:

– Chardonnay bottle to welcome pack of all participants.

– Pack of Insurgent, Syrah, Pink and Vermentino for the scratchs.

– Pack of Insurgent, Pink and Vermentino for the first of each category.

– Pack of Insurgent and Vermentino for the second of each category.

– One bottle case for the third of each category.

– Vermentino bottle to the longest ball.

– Magnum bottle of Syrah to the nearest ball.

This once again renews Delea A Marca’s commitment to social causes. Francisco Alonso, commercial director of Bodegas Delea A Marca, comments: “We at Delea A Marca are aware that companies have a clear social component, that is, what part of what we do we owe to society. And the sponsorship of this tournament, which is now celebrating its second edition, is another step in that commitment we acquired with the different social causes “. And Francisco Alonso adds, “And especially now at Christmas, some very important dates, and in which any collaboration is little for all causes of solidarity worthy of collaboration. This is our grain of sand. ”


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