2019: a year full of hope for Delea A Marca

Delea a MarcaAs a tradition, here at Delea A Marca we like to stop at the end of each year to reflect on what we are, what we do, what we can improve and, fundamentally, what we all feel working in this small family. It has been a fantastic year. With its good things and its bad things, but with our intact commitment to make the best possible wines.

2018 ended a few days ago and this year we have fulfilled a dream that we had been pursuing since we founded Delea A Marca. Because 2018 was the year in which we consolidated our gastronomic and gastronomic hall as a shared space where we can combine gastronomy, Delea A Marca good wine and good company.

There have been innumerable samples of gratitude that we have received by mail and social networks. Without falling into complacency, we are proud that what we have created has been so well received by the more than 50 groups that have visited us this past year. Special mention for the group of blind people who made a sensory visit to our facilities. Maxime from Ghent, commented on the visit: “It has been a truly unique experience. Enjoying both the grape in the vineyard, or the smell of vine leaves or the humid soil of the farm has been truly unforgettable. ” And he concluded: “All my friends and I have ended up absolutely fascinated with the experience, it has been fantastic”. It this touched our heart.

To the numerous tastings and collaborations with sporting events, in 2018 we reinforced our social commitment, sponsoring the 2nd charity golf tournament “Solidarity footballers” to benefit the Labyrinth Foundation, collaborating a Solidarity Dinner to benefit ANDEX Association of children with cancer , sponsoring the prizes of the Valdocco Foundation golf tournament, and sponsoring the Andalusian designer Leticia Lorenzo in the 2018 edition of the International Flamenco Fashion Show (SIMOF).

And this year 2019 what? How is it presented? For our part, we have deposits full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm to continue consolidating our presence in the markets of Andalusia and the rest of Spain. We want our brand Delea A Marca to advance with a firm and humble step in the creation of wines of excellent quality. We know the road is not easy . There will be difficulties. But we like to be guided by a maxim that says it does not have to be easy, but it has to be worthy.

By way of conclusion, we have a desire: we want the wine to feel, to be enjoyed, and for that reason we have opened the doors of our food and wine room to continue creating unique, unrepeatable and unforgettable experiences. See you?

The Delea A Marca Family

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