10 Essential Concepts in the Vintage

In a few days we will start the harvest the harvest in our farm and we want to share with you 10 basic concepts to know more about this laborious process.


There are two types, thinning of shoots or thinning of clusters. The thinning of shoots, manually suppresses the shoots, future branches that come out in the new wood, that is, in the thumbs that lack fruit, to favor the best development of the branch-bearing branches. The thinning of clusters, lies in cutting the leftover grapes from the strain before ripening, in order to obtain a better quality.


Or annual harvest. The vintage of a wine corresponds to the year of the grape harvest from which a wine has been made. The main reason for its presence on the labels, is to ensure that this wine is different from others depending on the weather conditions that the vineyard endured.


Trunk of the vine from which the shoots sprout and by expansion the entire plant. It also refers to wine varieties.


Time of grape coloring. A term in viticulture that indicates one of the most important stages of the grape, producing the color changes of the red varieties, which acquire red and bluish colors, while the white varieties turn yellowish.


It consists of cleaning the shoots below the new wood, where even fruit shoots will be eliminated, especially if there are two in the same yolk, whose purpose is to limit production looking for the best quality.


First external demonstration of the beginning of a new cycle of plant growth in spring. When the activity of the root system begins and the rise of raw sap, which entails the dragging of organic and mineral compounds towards the aerial part of the plant that flows through the vine due to the pruning cuts.


Branch or stem of the vine, long, thin, flexible and knotty, from where the leaves, tendrils and clusters sprout.


Also called pattern or foot. It is the plant that receives a graft and has already developed a suitable root system, which is used to graft on it a bud or a small cuttings from another plant. Commercially grown vines are mostly grafted into rootstocks, for their resistance to phylloxera and for better adapting to soil conditions.


Vineyard surface planted only by a single grape variety. Sometimes, it is applied to all varieties mixed in a vineyard in unknown proportions.


Organ or small thin stem of the vine, which serves the branches to hold and fix. Tendrils are found in climbing plants such as the vine.

Source: https://www.vinopack.es/40-terminos-imprescindibles-sobre-la-vina

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